Recuay Huaraz Carhuaz Yungay Caraz

Caraz is the capital of the Huaylas province. It is located at 2,256 m.a.s.l. (7,400 ft.) and 67 km north of Huaraz. Its name comes from the Quechua word kalash, which means "bare, without vegetation". It is the second most important city in Callejon de Huaylas, after Huaraz. It is a picturesque spot that maintains the charm of old Andean towns, rich in culture and important archeological monuments dating back to the expansionism period of the Recuay and Wari cultures.

Particularly during colonial times, there were no events of significant importance recorded in this town. However, Spaniard troops did not consider it any less important, since Caraz was included within the administration of what was called Hurin Huaylas. Once the emancipation era began, towns in Callejon de Huaylas became very important for the liberation from Spanish oppression, since part of the emancipation forces settled in Caraz. In 1824, this town provided Don Simon Bolivar the necessary support for this purpose. The Bolivarian general headquarters were set up here and many local young men enlisted in the freedom troops. They later marched to the final battles in Junin and Ayachucho, where the Spanish army was defeated. The house where the Liberator lived still exists and is identified by a commemorative plaque.

It is important to point out its Republican-style architecture, which can be seen along its narrow streets. There are mansions which still maintain both a Colonial style and the warmth of an Andean town. The main square is one of its best-known attractions. Located between small avenues and gardens, it provides a view of a church built entirely out of stone, highlighting the Square's charm. Its beautiful farmlands decorate the surrounding area with a captivating display of various carnation species. Its hospitable inhabitants' pleasant disposition invites us to try their exotic milk desserts, which strike an exquisite balance when paired with fruits, producing true delicacies for the most demanding of palates.


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