Recuay Huaraz Carhuaz Yungay Caraz

The province of Carhuaz is located at 2,645 m.a.s.l. (8,676 ft.) 34 km north of Huaraz. It is a city of traditional characteristics and with a peculiar name whose meaning comes from the Quechua word carhuash which means yellow. It was modified by Hernando Pizarro becoming Carhuaz. This city was built following the Republican style, with adobe walls, balconies and roofs slanted on both sides. In some houses, columns are done in plaster, giving them a Colonial style. It is also important to point out that this is a town that has kept up with development, since in its main streets; one can appreciate modern buildings made out of concrete and brick. Its main square achieves perfect harmony between the contemporary and the traditional.

It is a welcoming, beautiful and peaceful city, in which being treated cordially by its inhabitants is the norm. Carhuaz is caracterized by its religious and conservative spirit. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see indigenous people walking on the square wearing traditional clothing, whereas it is unusual to see this elsewhere. These people become very shy in the presence of unexpected visitors. On the other hand, they are joyful during religious festivities in which they proudly display their best garments. People take great delight and pleasure in dancing to the beat of beautiful huaynos, an important cultural manifestation. It is well-known fact that festivities in Carhuaz often last for an entire month.

The beautiful view that surrounds this town, its people and its green pastures filled with fruits and vegetables, are reason enough for current generations of Carhuacinos to be proud of their beliefs, culture and traditions.



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