Climbing in Cordillera Blanca  

Climbing in Cordillera Huayhuash 


From the beginning of time, man has been attracted to mountains experiencing a superstitious fear as when facing any natural phenomenon with strength greater than his own. He imagined that inaccessible peaks, often wrapped in clouds, were dwellings of gods and good or evil spirits.

The need for mountain pastures probably encouraged the first ascents. Later on, military demands forced shepherds to watch for the enemy from up high using strategic locations. These men's bravery enabled them to conquer the first summits. And so, it came about that peaks in Europe were climbed one after another while the level of difficulty increased. Climbers began to challenge each other to reach the same mountain top following more difficult routes, along different ridges and faces on the steepest, most complicated mountains. However, as unexplored summits in the Alps diminished in number, mountain climbers were forced to seek new challenges and more complex objectives.

This is how the first climbers set out to a new world filled with beauty and magic, Cordillera Blanca. Many arrived with a thirst to take on new and exciting challenges. These expeditions conquered the highest, most complicated summits in Cordillera Blanca. They were fascinated, finding themselves surrounded by the size and steepness of these snowy sentinels, protectors of valleys and indigenous culture, which gave a friendly welcome to these unexpected visitors. They witnessed beautiful gifts from nature, such as sunrise at the foot of these majestic snowcapped mountains in which peaks are bathed in colors ranging from fiery yellows and oranges to reds, creating a breathtaking scene of contrasting hues. Others decided to go in search of another mountain range located in a very remote spot, often mentioned by indigenous people and described as beautiful and defying. This is how the first expeditions, enthusiastic about visiting such a place, began long treks that undoubtedly filled them with awe as the approached this wild, isolated area. Its icy summits posed a true challenge even for experienced climbers. This place of unsurpassed beauty is called Cordillera Huayhuash. We are sure the members experienced an adrenalin rush finding themselves faced with great difficulties during the ascent and later, when they were able to overcome their fears and extreme conditions in this seldom-visited mountains. These are two locations that continue to astonish beginner and extreme climbers, where mountains bear faithful witnesses of the most significant conquests and continue posing increasingly difficult challenges.


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