Huascaran National Park boasts a varied fauna. Many of these species have not been studied and are not well-known. Ten endangered mammal species have been identified, including weasels, mountain cats, spectacled bears, pumas, tarucas, deer, vicuñas, vizcachas, foxes, and mucas .

As far as birds, 33 families, 74 genus and 112 species have been found in the Huascaran National Park. Among the most noteworthy, we should mention Cordillera eaglets, sutro ducks, huallata huachhua, Cordillera ducks, huacos, condors, lique-liques, dominicos, black-headed goldfinches, Andean seagulls, giant gallaretas, plunging pimpollos, yanavichos, and black hummingbirds. We must point out certain species such as condors are endangered.







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