Recuay Huaraz Carhuaz Yungay Caraz

Huaraz is located on the central Andean region in the state of Ancash, in the Callejon de Huaylas area, at 3,090 m.a.s.l. (10,135 ft.), near the Santa River banks. Its climate is dry, temperate and moderately cold, which is typical of the intermediate Quechua climatic regions. Its average temperature ranges from 12 to 24ºC during the dry season and from 6 to 12ºC during the rainy season from October to April. Its name comes from the Quechua term huara, meaning undergarment, undoubtedly making reference to the article of clothing worn by its inhabitants, members of an advanced civilization prior to Inca times.

During colonial times, it was granted a title, "The Very Generous City," while still under Spanish domain. It was the capital of the Huaylas Party and kept this name until after the declaration of independence. On July 26th, 1857 a law was passed dividing the province of Huaylas into two and establishing that of Huaraz, with said city as its capital. A place of unmatched beauty, the Andean mountain range rises as if yearning to touch the heavens with its countless snow-covered summits. It is a romantic city that juxtaposes nature's magic and picturesque villages inhabited by indigenous peoples, bringing color and life to its mountainous slopes. We believe that only a gifted poet's pen would be capable of accurately describing the surrounding splendor and perhaps a talented artist's canvas could convey emotions our hearts cannot. Even so, the most exquisite work would not do justice to the magnificence and greatness nature has bestowed upon this land.



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