Mountainous geography makes it possible for Peru to house 84 out of the 104 existing ecosystems in the world and 24 out of the 34 climates found in the planet. As a culture, we have existed for over six thousand years in the Andean mountains as well as on western and eastern hydrographic sources. This geography has shaped our culture through the millennia.

Indigenous people live in the same geographic medium previously inhabited by their ancestors, combining Andean wisdom with cultural elements from other sources. In this way, they are open to modern ideas, while preserving their identity. It is undeniable that the existence of a Pre-columbine tradition as a source of ingrained conventions is precisely what generates the possibility of development in this culture.

There is a clear demonstration of survival and resistance of former native cultures, in a world that suddenly became oppressed and dominated by the Spanish conquest, which gave rise to Pre-colombine cultures. Ironically, these cultures are taken for granted or considered extinct by some. All that seems to be left are its customs, art, clothing and dances. However, this is far from the truth. Indigenous ethnic groups still keep their traditions and rites alive. They continue to show great respect for high priests and medicine men, thereby ensuring the survival of tradition although five centuries have elapsed since the discovery of this new world. It is possible to perceive a unique identity, although they may not consider themselves members of an indigenous ethnic group.



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