MOUNTCLIMB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE has been offering Scheduled Itineraries since 1994. We are happy to organize itineraries for one traveler, although in some cases, we require a minimum of six passengers. All our programs operate with a maximum of 12 passengers. If a more numerous group is interested in the same itinerary, it will be divided into two smaller groups to ensure to quality of our service.

If the Scheduled Itineraries dates are not convenient for you, we will gladly organize an outing for a more suitable time at your group's request.




For many years, MOUNTCLIMB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE has been offering trekking and high mountain climbing expeditions in the Peruvian Andes, both as Scheduled Itineraries with set dates as well as trips organized according to the client's request. For this, our company will provide all the necessary personnel, equipment such as two-person tents, mattresses, kitchen, dining and bathroom tents, chairs, tables, first aid kit, communications equipment and all logistical arrangements to make certain your visit is a successful one. Food will be handled with strict sanitation measures. Provisions will be transported along with the baggage during the program.

Although none of these programs is particularly difficult, itineraries in Peruvian Andes mean abrupt elevation changes. Therefore, there are three basic requirements in order to take part in these programs: you must be appropriately prepared and in good health to take part in the trip, be willing and accustomed to walking moderate distances and bring clothing and equipment as indicated. We provide for an acclimatization process in all programs, especially climbing ones, since acclimatization is an indispensable prerequisite for ascending glacial massifs. In any case, we recommend previous itineraries in which you spend some time in higher altitudes before beginning a trek. Entrance fees to sites of interest are included in the program cost.





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