Widespread practice of mountain biking is relatively modern. Drawing inspiration from what pioneering Californians used to do in the early seventies, this outdoor activity became popular during the eighties. It consists of crossing open terrain, filled with obstacles, with bicycles equipped with special wheels and different gears. This sport can be practiced not only in mountains but also in outdoor trails near cities. One can begin at approximately the age of 12 and it is not unusual to find individuals in their late fifties who find enjoyment in this type of activity which enables them to keep themselves healthy.

Mountain biking is a sport that requires one to be in adequate physical shape. For this reason, we recommend you have a device to control your pulse and heart rate, especially for travelers over 50 years old. In any case, we suggest you consult your doctor. We propose guided mountain cycling individually as well as in groups to ensure your enjoyment and safety. Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra offer endless possibilities for this sport. An outing can last one or several days. MOUNTCLIMB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE invites you to discover beautiful landscapes and unbelieavable scenes. These, combined with the excitement of this sport will provide unforgettable experiences.

We offer mountain biking itineraries of one day or longer as well as the complete handling of logistical aspects such as transport, repairs, as well as camping equipment and food.





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