Rafting emerged when individuals who traveled over rapids would go down aquatic slopes in small boats and rafts. Certain skills, which where necessary for explorers, hunters and fishermen later developed into a form of recreation until it became one of the most popular adventure sports in several regions of Europe and the United Sates. Often, it requires no extensive preparation. Rafts have a capacity for between four and eight people. The level of difficulty and risk depends on the characteristics of the river flow. Therefore, it is fundamental to be thoroughly familiar with the river. For this reason, MOUNTCLIMB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE has experienced guides who perform their work in locations where distances are considerable (between 1.5 and 25 km) and several levels of difficulty are available .

In order to carry out this activity successfully in Cordillera Blanca, our company has developed programs in which we offer the possibility of learning fundamental techniques and secrets of this discipline. We have also taken into account traveling over calm waters in which one can enjoy the wonderful gifts offered by nature. For those who prefer excitement, the rivers will provide sufficient adrenaline when descending cascades and rapids of greater difficulty.








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