Alpine skiing or randonne 

The oldest skis are credited to Sweden and Finland. They are believed to have been built 4 or 5,000 years ago. At first skis were short and wide serving as means of transportation. They are still used as such in Norway, Sweden, Finland and certain rural areas in Eastern European countries. They were also used for war purposes until the 18th C. During the following centurey, cloth strips were replaced with elastic bands to provide greater stability and a new sport emerged. These skis were manufactured and designed in walnut wood with curved edges. Currently, in order to increase their durability and speed, they are manufactured with metal edges and wooden or plastic centers, with open curves, which allow beginners and intermediate skiers to improve their turns.

In Cordillera Blanca, this sport is practiced much like it was during its beginning, when it was necessary for the skier to climb up to the summit to then glide down the snowy slopes. For this reason, our company decided to classify this sport in categories. In this way, the skier's weaknesses can be identified and an efficient teaching - learning experience can take place, since this sport requires a high degree of concentration and coordination. MOUNTCLIMB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE has developed several itineraries in order to obtain favorable results, since we consider that skiing is relatively difficult and demands results within a short period of time.




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