We at MOUNTCLIMB, keeping our clients and native communities in mind, promote the idea of bringing to you a great variety of indigenous handicrafts, true manifestations of the skills and creativity of Peruvian artisans. Many of these pieces are flawless having achieved perfection from ancient techniques that are fascinating even today, such as Catacaos straw hats, chiseled mates, Chulucanas ceramics, as well as many-storied nativity scenes and hand-woven rugs from Ayacucho. Certainly, these are not the only types of handicrafts in the country. We can also find chiseled wood sculptures, stained glass, worked gold and silver, textiles with designs inspired by Inca and Pre-Inca cultures woven from alpaca fibers and dyed with natural pigments.

These skillful hands have cast an air of modernity and usefulness, seeking originality and Peruvian fashioning in its designs. These items arise from simple concept of "hand-made or manual industry." This process is sometimes aided by machinery, selecting excellent quality raw materials and carefully ensuring their treatment to obtain exceptional finishes.

Take home quality and beauty to remind you of a magical place in which ancestral culture and mysticism of its people and landscapes are captured in a small piece of art. Every time you happen to rest your eyes on them or gently touch them, you will once again relive unforgettable experiences enjoyed in this wonderful country. Take home a little piece of Peru !






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