The private mountain rescue and assistance service MOUNTAIN TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE offers has been designed taking in to consideration our high mountain guides' experience, who have evaluated the last twenty years of adventure sport activity in Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash. As a result, action plans and protocol have been developed in response to incidents and rescue operations carried out during this period, thereby making it possible to deal with accidents in an organized fashion and to ensure a successful procedure in emergency situations.

Our mountain rescue specialists are in constant training to face all types of adverse conditions that may arise during the operation. For this reason, all risks related to the work area and injuries are immediately evaluated in detail. We provide the necessary material and all that is required on the logistical aspect of the rescue. Fully aware of the fact that many spots within Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash are remote and dangerous, we have formed a support team which includes a helicopter (provided by a private company), medical personnel, transportation service, porters and others. Our rescue staff has four basic tenets

- Being familiar with the appropriate mountain rescue equipment in order to take immediate action

- Being capable to provide first aid assistance

- Being capable of organizing the rescue operation in an safe, appropriate manner according to the degree of seriounes: delegating tasks among those involved, maintaining communication with the rescue team, helicopter, etc.

- Being capable of using radios or other necessary communication systems and signals


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